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歡迎光臨屬於陳綺貞的奇異房間。本展將策劃五大主題展區,無邊際的想像力,解構陳綺貞的音樂、文字、影像,重組成全新的作品,你還會發現自己,早已連結在這裡。我們都在移動。在移動的時間中遇見的每一件事情都被儲存,儲存在你心上的房間裡,跟著你繼續往前走去。陳綺貞創作展 移動的房間 4/27-6/30預售單人優惠票250元 限定販售。 陳綺貞,獨立音樂代表人物。很多人說她不只是歌手,更像是藝術家、一個安靜的行動者。出道18年,走過世界40餘座城市,數十萬次在演唱會中開口合唱的感動,一字一句都在「陳綺貞創作展 移動的房間」,五大展區讓你首度如此貼近,瞭解她心中的獵奇世界。  


A.    暗房 | 從小到大,陳綺貞成長大事記Before 17的陳綺貞是什麼模樣?外婆送的第一台相機、穿上制服的景美之花,一步一步走過昨天的孩子氣。

B.    記憶的眼 | 透過鏡頭,看見陳綺貞眼中的小宇宙 她眼中的世界,與鏡頭前的她,在視線的移動之中,藏匿各種關於她的記憶。精彩呈現陳綺貞各時期攝影作品,以及攝影大師眼中陳綺貞的姿態。

C.    蒙太奇樂園 | 經典重現,陳綺貞私藏選重現身為歌手每個燃燒殆盡的時刻,邀請你回到每個花的姿態。演唱會親筆手稿首度公開。她身上那件紅色禮服、存在回憶中的視覺驚歎,一起站上陳綺貞舞台樂園,開始華麗的冒險。

D.   移動的房間 | 解剖陳綺貞大腦,一切從此孕育出無限回歸陳綺貞創作源頭,從透視她的書房開始。在她的氣息裡,看不見的思緒和靈感,從她的大腦出走到你眼前。

E.   失敗者的飛翔 | 讓陳綺貞聽你說話,給我肩並肩的擁抱恐懼和愛的大對決,這個特別的時刻,我們一起選擇如何被包圍。

F.   讓你帶回去 | 展覽專屬陳綺貞限定商品

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The development of new technologies and the resulting electronic products, continuously inspire the human imagination for life in the future. The application and consumption of electronic technology has gradually and unconsciously mired us in the logic of commerce and the cycle of innovation and outdatedness. Technological products become obsolete and are replaced at an increasing rate, creating a severe problem of electronic waste. “Waste” is a relative concept that leads us to contemplate how values are formed and abandoned. The process by which value is transformed and rediscovered is what the exhibition seeks to explore.


With the re-creation of electronic waste in daily life as a starting point, the artists participating in this exhibition are like contemporary alchemists who distill renewed value and significance from discarded objects. In biological terms “regenerate” refers to a process of reconstruction, recovery, and growth; this exhibition tries to extend this definition to its aesthetic connotations. How do new media artists who use technology as a creative medium respond to, query, and inspect the ethical issues of contemporary technology through their work? A state of global crisis has been created by the rapid pace of resource consumption, continued production, and discarding. When all aspects of contemporary life has in effect been constructed by that intimate union of technology and capital, human beings find themselves dependent upon nature as they simultaneously attempt to alter it. What future of peaceful coexistence between nature and technology can artists envision? The “Regeneration Movement” goes beyond the reutilization and repair of reclaimed objects, and hints at possibilities for correction, adjustment, and re-innovation in the multiple relationships and contexts between humans and the material environment, nature, and technology.


With the “Regeneration Movement” as a purport, this exhibition presents the creative rendering and contemplations of 16 different groups of artists along two main trajectories: “Transformation and Recycling: the Power of Circulation,” and “Hybridity and Symbiosis : Ecological Imagination from an Interdisciplinary Perspective “Transformation and Recycling” attempts to loosen the preset functional contexts of electronic logic that recreate new technological rules to reverse passive consumption and production settings, and to liberate the intended functions of objects; while simultaneously re-excavating preexisting histories and memories of media. “Hybridity and Symbiosis” brings out possibilities for reversed resource discovery and energy conversion with the fusion of interdisciplinary methodology of art, design, the sciences and imaginative experimental projects; and even portending a direction for future evolution and proffer possibilities for a sustainable coexistence with the environment.“Regeneration Movement” revisits the balanced and circular relationship among technology, human beings and the nature, in an effort to find possible indications for a sustainable co-existence future in the dynamic and intertwined network of our living systems through artistic perspective.



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